Run your own study with one of our ePROMs

Smart preference-based, patient-centered measurement with the HealthSnApp​.


19,950/1,950 euro

commercial/academic use

Plus 2/0.5 euro per respondent

Plus 19 euro per team account, per month

Paper-pencil version of one of our ePROMs

Two options:

A) Only the description part (task 1);

B) Description part (task 1) and the preference part (task 2).

A) 9,950/4,950 euro

B) 19,950/9,950 euro

commercial/academic use

Per language/country/study

You create the content of your own (e)PROM

Determine content (health items) for your own (e)PROMs by patients using our unique HealthFan tool.

​​9,950/4,950 euro

commercial/academic use

Plus 9 euro

per team account, per month

Create your own ePROM

Development content new (disease-specific) ePROM.

With our full support

49,000 - 149,000 euro

Utilities for economic evaluations

Additional study to convert value-based ePROM into utility (cost-effectiveness) ePROM.

Everything managed by us

29,950 euro




Per language/country/study

Discount on our pricing is optional for researchers/end-users in underdeveloped countries.

Other researchers/end-users may also ask for discount if they have good arguments.