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Our story

Our team strives to provide simple and intuitive means to measure health by designing smart and efficient solutions. To that end we developed a comprehensive approach based on a new measuring method, using our own app and several of our own newly designed tools.

This approach facilitates the entire process of choosing which factors to measure, collecting the actual data, analyzing it, and processing the results, all the way to the final reporting.

We at Château Santé continue to work tirelessly to ease the process of measuring health.

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Our vision

​Our new health measurement system is interesting from a scientific perspective (more valid and precise measures). But it also has social relevance. The way the PROM is presented to people (patients and non-patients) and the way people have to respond to the judgmental tasks of the ePROM amount to a major improvement in the field. It is far more attractive (fun) and gives respondents much more freedom, thereby motivating people to assess their own health condition.

Our Vision

Our technology

After 40 years of deriving metric values for health status or health-related quality of life, the effective quantification of subjective health outcomes is still a challenge.


Here, two of the best measurement tools, the discrete choice and the Rasch model, are used to create a new model for deriving health values. Combining the main features of these two models yields an integrated measurement model, called the multi-attribute preference response (MAPR) model.

This new model produces scores on a metric scale (values) using responses from patients who have experienced certain health states. Its measurement mechanism largely prevents biases such as adaptation and coping. Several extensions of the MAPR model are possible.

Our Technology
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