Frequently asked questions

What is the HealthSnApp?

This is a multifunctional piece of software that runs on several devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop) that can handle some of the main features of our new measurement framework. The HealthSnApp can deal with all kinds of preference-based PROMs.

What can I do with the HealthSnApp?

You can measure all kind of subjective phenomena (perceived health, well-being, crossory stores, cities, ...) as long as the object of interest consist of a limited number (3-18) of attributes with different levels.

How do I use the HealthSnApp for running one of your ePROMs?

If you are using one of our ePROMs that already has been developed, things are quite easy: just send an email with the link to your patients or clients. All instructions and explenations are build in the app.

How do I get one of your ePROMs?

Contact us.

Why the name Château Santé?

The instruments and tools that we create are robust and elegant, so we have named our endeavor accordingly. The French have built many beautiful châteaux and civel constructions. In their construction they have fused advanced theoretical concepts with practical applications and beauty. Consider the country's legacy of innovation in transport; what springs to mind is the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse or "high-speed train"), but so does the 17th century infrastructure. The 150-mile Canal du Midi, from Toulouse to the port of Sète on the Mediterranean, is so extraordinary in both vision and execution that it was awarded the status of Unesco World Heritage Site. And, of course, we must mention the Eurotunnel and the Concorde. What do each of these achievements have in common? They were considered unthinkable until the French engineers and scientists put their minds to the task. France is known for a great many grand things -- from breathtaking art and industrial constructions to fabulous food and wine. Santé