A smart, easy, efficient tool for measuring health.

Patients measure their own health status with a simple and attractive app that can be used on any mobile device and PC.


HealthSnApp is a totally new patient-centered way to measure the health status of patients. Its novel features make this tool exciting:

  • The content is determined by patients, not experts.

  • The app is based on the best measurement model in the social sciences.

  • The tool measures the importance of health aspects, not the frequency or level of complaints.


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HealthSnApp is a user-friendly and attractive tool to measure health status as experienced by patients:

  • Patients classify their own current health condition on 3-18 health items.

  • Each health item has several levels, chosen by touching a bar that rotates to a next level.

  • After classifying their own health status, patients assess health descriptions similar to their own health.

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  • The methodology draws on insights from different disciplines (economics, psychology, decision science).

  • It is self-administered and web-based (via an app or web-interface) for a seamless and user-friendly, fast, and attractive data collection process.

  • Centrally managed and, safe yet open system that allows respondents from all over the world to use it.