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Our graphs

Based on the data collected with our software tools (HealthFan, HealthSnApp) informative and beautiful graphs can be created. We also started with including Feedback modules as an additional option.

IMG_20180605_1732429 (2018_06_09 17_22_37 UTC).jpg

Chord diagram

With this graph you can easily show what type of diseases patients have. In this case patients had two (chronic) diseases/complaints.

Spider bar.png
Chord Diagram_edited.jpg

Radial graph

After running a study with our HealthFan tool, this is what the results looks like. Based on such a graph it becomes more easy to determine what are the most important items from the perspective of patients.

IMG_20180605_1732429 (2018_06_09 17_22_37 UTC).jpg


Direct feedback on the reported condition of the respondent is possible. What you see is just one of the options.

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