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Château Santé provides an intelligent integrated framework

to measure the quality of patients’ health status

​Patient centered - Our approach to measurement is patient-centered. The content of our electronic patient reported outcome measures (ePROMs) is determined by the patients. Next, they assess their own health status and place a value on it.

User-friendly - Our intuitive and attractive apps make measuring health easy; they can be used in clinical studies and national health surveys. The resulting values can be normalized to be used in cost-effectiveness analyses.

State-of-the-art - The cornerstone of our own developed measurement framework is an extended version of the Rasch model (item-response theory) that produces transparent metrics. This is the most robust approach currently available to measure subjective phenomena, such as health.


Our ePROMs

The answer to many health measurement requirements

Easy data collection

User-friendly response collection with an app (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC). All computations are done for you on our server.

What matters to patients

Selection of the content (items) is based on selection of the most important health items by patients.

Single value

One metric number that shows the overall quality of a patients' health condition. For many research questions such a value can be very useful information. In addition, our ePROMs provide scores on the separate health items.

Measures impact

Many of the current PROMs measure the intensity or frequency of complaints or limitations. Our ePROMs are smart and measure the impact of these complaints or limitations.

Health outcomes

Outcomes such as health status or health-related quality of life (HRQoL) are becoming more and more relevant. Such outcomes are important for monitoring, disease modeling studies, and comparisons of different healthcare interventions.


Any assessment coming directly from patients, without interpretation by physicians or others, about how they function or feel in relation to their health condition is called a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM).

 Developed tO support

Create and run your own ePROMs


You have full control in our CS Console, our web-based authoring tool, and it's easier than ever before. In the console you can create your own ePROM by using the HealthFan and the HealthSnApp tools. You can run you own study with one or more ePROMs. And you can see the results of your study. You may even use our HealthAnchor tool to transform the results of your PROM into anchored utilities suitable for calculating QALYs.


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