​​Advantage of the CS system

Library of validated PROMS

Automation of PROM collection

On the fly analytics on patient and population level

Secure integration with external registries



Complementary measure


Chateau Sante provides a cloud-based patient engagement solution with online PROMs.

With the use of the CS platform healthcare providers can:

  • Choose a validated PROM from the integrated library for standardized outcomes reporting.

  • Build customized PROMs and surveys using question templates to fit specific patient populations.

  • Review graphical information showing patient progress over longer periods of time.

  • Patient shares real-time PROM data.

  • The more you collect data with our ePROMs the better it gets.


CS has flexible formats and layouts to add to our PROMs including:

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Slider scales

  • Open questions


Mobile friendly PROMs

CS offers mobile friendly application that can increase patient engagement by enabling patients to report outcomes on their own schedules through any supported browser.

Web extentions.png
  • Game changer.

  •  The patient at the center.

  •  Data driven.

  •  No social desirable answers, no coping or adaptation biases.

  • Terms of use HealthSnapp (property, location of data)

  •  Example app (link or movie).


  •  Provider evidence for new innovative treatments

  • Patient performance

  •  Health and care

  •  Impact; improved health outcomes (H2020), European Commission + logo

  •  Unique and important to patients

  •  Layer of complexity

  •  Customized proms

  •  Easy tool to capture at moments important to patients

  •  New and innovative solutions.

  •  Best-in-class

  •  Data visualization

  •  We focus, than expand our ePROM system

  •  We design ePROMS

  •  What makes our ePROMs special?

  •  Good design matters

We measure health differently , better,  easier.
  • Need guidance and support

  • If you know exactly what you want and are skilled